Reaching for your full potential- but being content presently

If your like me, sometimes you just sit and ponder, am I squeezing every ounce of life that I possibly can?

What does it look like to “live life to the fullest” 

Does it mean you party every weekend? Travel the world in a VW hippie van? Immerse yourself in your college studies? Get married and start a family? Move to a new state?

Then I realized  as long as you are waking up every day trying to make positive decisions for yourself, and positively influence others, then you are living life to the fullest. Life isn’t as perfect as anyone depicts on Instagram or on any social media platform. As a society we have made even the most mundane aspects of our life appear glamorous or interesting.

Even if you are going to Walmart to pick up apples, a cleverly crafted picture of fresh produce with a great filter accurately depicts the health-foodie vibe you want to give off.

So what point am I trying to make?

Sometimes I get SO CAUGHT up in being BETTER, because I look at other people. Yes, sometimes it is inspirational but other times it leaves me deflated.

I have many fitness accounts I follow. It often leaves me feeling anxious, rather than motivated. Why can’t I be that dedicated? Why can’t I have wash board abs? What about those fashion guru’s? Makeup guru’s? I sit an think I need more Urban Decay makeup, need adorable spring outfits, I need to run 5 miles today……

I just want everyone to know (as well as remind myself) that : You do you. You have a purpose, and you can reach your potential. Work hard, but don’t beat yourself up because you aren’t the best at everything. Try to live a balanced, happy life. Sometimes we fall, but don’t compare yourself to others. You have strengths and you have weaknesses, but that is what ultimately makes you a perfectly imperfect human being.

Have a great week everyone




Indianapolis Adventures

We decided to take on Indianapolis this past weekend.


I loved the downtown. There is great architecture, and fun restaurants. It was a major plus because the weather is finally breaking, so we didn’t freeze!  There are lots of horse drawn carriages, but they cost 60 dollars for a half hour.

We ate at Dick’s last resort. I had been wanting to eat at this restaurant for a while, they are know for “service with sarcasm”  and I wanted to know if they lived up to their claims.


While the atmosphere was as promised, the food was a 3/10. The menu consisted of bland food, with a large price tag. I love good atmosphere and GREAT food, so it was kind of a let down. The waitress did give you a clever, and embarrassing hat accompanied with lots of laughs.

I ordered the crab cakes, which weren’t terrible. Unfortunately the rice that came with them was bland and the corn salsa was borderline uneatable 😦

While the food at Dicks was not impressive, I’ll tell you what resturant was! YOLK! 20150308_134503596_iOS 20150308_131840164_iOS 20150308_131224856_iOS

This is a yuppie breakfast joint with style, class, and amazing food! The coffee is one of a kind. It is smooth, and tasteful. Yolk started in Chicago, and became very popular. This is the first Yolk in Indy. I would defiantly recommend this breakfast place to anyone in Chicago or Indianapolis.

The “South Beach” is half a pineapple cut out and filled with yogurt, fruit and pecans. It comes with a delicious bakery muffin! So yummy!


One thing I was surprised by was the SIZE of this place! It was absolutely massive. There was also a museum attached that you could visit. Indianapolis is known for the Indy 500, so I had to visit this famous landmark!

Indy was a fun city with lots of street performers, bars, and restaurants. Home of the Indianapolis Colts and the Indy 500 I loved my time spent in this place!

Have a phenomenal day,

Sydney ❤

Dollar Tree Organization

I am a lady who loves a deal, and I have promised myself to become more organized… SO…I decided to start off with one of the most disorganized areas in my room, my vanity.

Cluttered with eye shadow, make up brushes and desperation I decided to take some action. I used a little creativity, and a whopping four dollars to create the stepping stone of my organized room.

This is the disturbing “before picture”

20150223_015319497_iOS 20150223_015322782_iOS

No… I did not make this a wreck on purpose. This is the sad reality of an disorganized girls life. Yes.. there are arm weights on the floor. There are boxes on the ground “trying to be helpful” and stuff EVERYWHERE.

If you are doing a Dollar Store Organization you need to look for a few things.

2-3 plastic bins to display things that you use every day

1 tall glass mug (Think to hold a large candle)

2 ice cube trays (Explained later)

I got rid of EVERYTHING I don’t use and kept the stuff I ACTUALLY use. Wow! Sounds so simple, am I right? All the crusty mascaras, dull eyeliner pencils, and broken eye shadows went in a huge trash bag… Are you ready to see the end result??


Ta Da!

1. On the left you will see my every day makeup in a clear bin.

2. In the middle are the Naked  eye shadows that I use every day

3. On the right is a clear glass container to hold my makeup brushes.

4. On the ground, to the left I condensed all of my lotions and sprays down to 5 that I love dearly.

– I challenge anyone to do this…do you really need 20 lotions, or are you just a fan of Warm Vanilla Sugar?

5. In the middle are all my hair products and brushes.

The best part? It has STAYED this way. It is so simple.

Lastly, I have a nice idea for all those stud earrings that you lose a month after buying them…Or is that just me?


Put each pair in a separate ice cube tray.

I hope you enjoyed this dollar tree organization post, and can use it in your life.

Have a great day!



If anyone else has an organization tips; leave them below! I still have a lot of organization to be found.

Chicago Travels !

My wonderful boyfriend, Garrett and I recently traveled to Chicago on a whim. I had so many things I wanted to cross off my bucket list in the Windy City. We booked our hotel Thursday night and took off Friday night. I have a few travel tips for anyone wanting to explore this beautiful city.

1. Safety, safety, safety


Prime example: Garrett and I decided to get off the main interstate upon entering Chicago because we needed gas. We had no idea that we had picked a dangerous area to get off at. We pulled up to the gas station and immediately realized it was NOT  a place for us to be.  We tried to get back on to the main highway, and our GPS took us on a “tour” of this not so good part of town. We were very lucky, and a lot of lessons were learned.

-Side note (Tourists need to stay up north in the downtown areas)

2. Dress WARM

We went in February and we dressed WARM. (Ralphie from Christmas story reference) We walked 11 miles around town, and were fairly content. We ran into another couple from Kansas City. They didn’t think “it would be that cold”  and they were miserable.  (Gloves, wool socks, head bands, scarfs, winter coat are recommended)

Even in the SPRING, dress warm. A north face will not suffice in the wind.

3. Parking

Hotels offer parking…at a price. (35-50 dollars a night)

Parking is limited and traffic is not fun. 3 hour parking may cost 25 dollars.

Once you park your car, forget it and walk everywhere. Cabs can be very expensive (10-20 dollars per ride)

Using a train can be an option, but confusing to those who have never been to the city. Everyone walks in downtown Chicago. Rain, snow, wind, ice….you will see people walking.

Here are a few things I suggest doing while in Downtown Chicago

1. Purchase the CityPass. (Google City Pass Chicago) This gets you discounted rates for (5 of the TOP attractions) as well as CUTTING THE TICKET BOOTH LINES. This is a huge benefit, we waltzed passed 30 min wait lines in several attractions.

If you are going to the Skydeck Chicago I would recommended going right when they open for a less crowded experience. For another amazing experience go during sunset. The mood is very romantic and unlike anything you’ll see.


2. The Shedd Aquarium

I would only recommend this if you are very interested in aquatic life, or if you have small children. For a 19 year old and a 20 year old we were pretty unimpressed. While other travel reviews highly recommend, I would consider going else where. The “Aquatic show” paled in comparison to other shows we’ve seen.


3. The Field Museum

WOW! you could dedicate HOURS to this place. The learning environment is amazing for all ages. We loved the Mummy exhibit, as well as the largest complete T-rex. This is a MUST- DO.


 Final Thoughts:

I believe that going in the summer would be a totally difference experience. We were pretty limited to the activities that we could do because of the extreme cold. The positive of going in the winter was less crowds, and reduced hotel rates.

I would love to go back in the summer to walk on Navy Pier, and going to a baseball game at Wrigley field.

Hopefully this helped if anyone was thinking about visiting the Windy City!


*All pictures are taken by myself

Hello world!

I’m Sydney. I have so many passions, interests and dreams that they sometimes get jumbled up in my head.

What better way to organize my thoughts and share them with the world than a blog?

I will most likely talk about my passions for

1. Occupational Therapy

I am a Student Occupational Therapy Assistant.  This field is AMAZING! I am constantly learning new information, and want to share it with the world.

2. Outdoor pursuits

I love to hike, bike, run, swim EVERYTHING!

3. Healthy living

Seriously…CHEAP, HEALTHY meals that don’t require weird ingredients you can only find at outdoor food markets in July

4.  Makeup

I want to talk about make up on a budget. Makeup that anyone can use to enhance their NATURAL beauty.

5. Adventures to new cities with my boyfriend Garrett.

We are constantly trying new things out. We like to be thrifty in our adventures, and I want to explore all that we can.

Those are the top 5 things, but I’m sure I’ll drift in and out of my love of farms, or living a happy lifestyle!

Have a splendid day