Reaching for your full potential- but being content presently

If your like me, sometimes you just sit and ponder, am I squeezing every ounce of life that I possibly can?

What does it look like to “live life to the fullest” 

Does it mean you party every weekend? Travel the world in a VW hippie van? Immerse yourself in your college studies? Get married and start a family? Move to a new state?

Then I realized  as long as you are waking up every day trying to make positive decisions for yourself, and positively influence others, then you are living life to the fullest. Life isn’t as perfect as anyone depicts on Instagram or on any social media platform. As a society we have made even the most mundane aspects of our life appear glamorous or interesting.

Even if you are going to Walmart to pick up apples, a cleverly crafted picture of fresh produce with a great filter accurately depicts the health-foodie vibe you want to give off.

So what point am I trying to make?

Sometimes I get SO CAUGHT up in being BETTER, because I look at other people. Yes, sometimes it is inspirational but other times it leaves me deflated.

I have many fitness accounts I follow. It often leaves me feeling anxious, rather than motivated. Why can’t I be that dedicated? Why can’t I have wash board abs? What about those fashion guru’s? Makeup guru’s? I sit an think I need more Urban Decay makeup, need adorable spring outfits, I need to run 5 miles today……

I just want everyone to know (as well as remind myself) that : You do you. You have a purpose, and you can reach your potential. Work hard, but don’t beat yourself up because you aren’t the best at everything. Try to live a balanced, happy life. Sometimes we fall, but don’t compare yourself to others. You have strengths and you have weaknesses, but that is what ultimately makes you a perfectly imperfect human being.

Have a great week everyone




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