Indianapolis Adventures

We decided to take on Indianapolis this past weekend.


I loved the downtown. There is great architecture, and fun restaurants. It was a major plus because the weather is finally breaking, so we didn’t freeze!  There are lots of horse drawn carriages, but they cost 60 dollars for a half hour.

We ate at Dick’s last resort. I had been wanting to eat at this restaurant for a while, they are know for “service with sarcasm”  and I wanted to know if they lived up to their claims.


While the atmosphere was as promised, the food was a 3/10. The menu consisted of bland food, with a large price tag. I love good atmosphere and GREAT food, so it was kind of a let down. The waitress did give you a clever, and embarrassing hat accompanied with lots of laughs.

I ordered the crab cakes, which weren’t terrible. Unfortunately the rice that came with them was bland and the corn salsa was borderline uneatable 😦

While the food at Dicks was not impressive, I’ll tell you what resturant was! YOLK! 20150308_134503596_iOS 20150308_131840164_iOS 20150308_131224856_iOS

This is a yuppie breakfast joint with style, class, and amazing food! The coffee is one of a kind. It is smooth, and tasteful. Yolk started in Chicago, and became very popular. This is the first Yolk in Indy. I would defiantly recommend this breakfast place to anyone in Chicago or Indianapolis.

The “South Beach” is half a pineapple cut out and filled with yogurt, fruit and pecans. It comes with a delicious bakery muffin! So yummy!


One thing I was surprised by was the SIZE of this place! It was absolutely massive. There was also a museum attached that you could visit. Indianapolis is known for the Indy 500, so I had to visit this famous landmark!

Indy was a fun city with lots of street performers, bars, and restaurants. Home of the Indianapolis Colts and the Indy 500 I loved my time spent in this place!

Have a phenomenal day,

Sydney ❤


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