Dollar Tree Organization

I am a lady who loves a deal, and I have promised myself to become more organized… SO…I decided to start off with one of the most disorganized areas in my room, my vanity.

Cluttered with eye shadow, make up brushes and desperation I decided to take some action. I used a little creativity, and a whopping four dollars to create the stepping stone of my organized room.

This is the disturbing “before picture”

20150223_015319497_iOS 20150223_015322782_iOS

No… I did not make this a wreck on purpose. This is the sad reality of an disorganized girls life. Yes.. there are arm weights on the floor. There are boxes on the ground “trying to be helpful” and stuff EVERYWHERE.

If you are doing a Dollar Store Organization you need to look for a few things.

2-3 plastic bins to display things that you use every day

1 tall glass mug (Think to hold a large candle)

2 ice cube trays (Explained later)

I got rid of EVERYTHING I don’t use and kept the stuff I ACTUALLY use. Wow! Sounds so simple, am I right? All the crusty mascaras, dull eyeliner pencils, and broken eye shadows went in a huge trash bag… Are you ready to see the end result??


Ta Da!

1. On the left you will see my every day makeup in a clear bin.

2. In the middle are the Naked  eye shadows that I use every day

3. On the right is a clear glass container to hold my makeup brushes.

4. On the ground, to the left I condensed all of my lotions and sprays down to 5 that I love dearly.

– I challenge anyone to do this…do you really need 20 lotions, or are you just a fan of Warm Vanilla Sugar?

5. In the middle are all my hair products and brushes.

The best part? It has STAYED this way. It is so simple.

Lastly, I have a nice idea for all those stud earrings that you lose a month after buying them…Or is that just me?


Put each pair in a separate ice cube tray.

I hope you enjoyed this dollar tree organization post, and can use it in your life.

Have a great day!



If anyone else has an organization tips; leave them below! I still have a lot of organization to be found.


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