Hello world!

I’m Sydney. I have so many passions, interests and dreams that they sometimes get jumbled up in my head.

What better way to organize my thoughts and share them with the world than a blog?

I will most likely talk about my passions for

1. Occupational Therapy

I am a Student Occupational Therapy Assistant.  This field is AMAZING! I am constantly learning new information, and want to share it with the world.

2. Outdoor pursuits

I love to hike, bike, run, swim EVERYTHING!

3. Healthy living

Seriously…CHEAP, HEALTHY meals that don’t require weird ingredients you can only find at outdoor food markets in July

4.  Makeup

I want to talk about make up on a budget. Makeup that anyone can use to enhance their NATURAL beauty.

5. Adventures to new cities with my boyfriend Garrett.

We are constantly trying new things out. We like to be thrifty in our adventures, and I want to explore all that we can.

Those are the top 5 things, but I’m sure I’ll drift in and out of my love of farms, or living a happy lifestyle!

Have a splendid day



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